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What’s it all about?

"When the straight and narrow, gets a little too straight, Roll up the joint, or don't, Just follow your arrow Wherever it points"

Follow your Arrow

Artist: Kacey Musgrave Album: Same trailor different park

Release: 2013


Hi ... the names Nic, often known as NicNic, Crazy Aunty Nic from London, Jenks, Rapha girl or ‘my beautifully complex friend’.

Hold the press ...cos I’ve finally, after years of friends suggesting that I should, decided to share my life experiences with you.

So ... what’s so special about me ? Absolutely nothing, lets face it, we are all the main star of our own life movies ... but, I like to think that I’m living mine pretty full on, with plenty of entertaining moments ... so I’ll write my stories, and share my experiences ... you can be the judge of the rest.

"Crumbs Nic, you sure don’t do things by halves huh"

So, lets start from today and work back through my story. I quit my job in April...(damn that wonderful weekend with my youngest on his rugby tour). I decided that I needed a moment to catch my breath and work out what I wanted next from my life, you know one of those life nudges! Or also known as my second life crisis, the first ended in divorce (oh how we laugh about that now!).

So after 6 weeks of literally riding my road bike in the park, (now sporting my thunder thighs and dodgy tan lines to prove it), I decided that it was time to do that adult thing again and enter the working space once more. But lets skip past the ‘what do you do for a living stuff for now’ as often fabricating my vocation as a biscuit designer is much more entertaining than confessing that I work in technology!

So, as a passionate energy bunny that I am, I have a fair thirst for life! In all senses of the word, Jim Carey in the Yes Man, has nothing on me ... as I’m well known for living and (often attempting to die), by one of my moto’s:

Try everything twice. First time to get over the shock, the second time to decide if you like it!"

Fortunately I seem to take this a little to the extreme with my recent obsession of road cycling, and I can tell you that after the second time, I definitely don’t like crashing on them. Yes I am officially a MAMIL for those of you wondering how as a female I can call myself that ... Middle Aged MILF in Lycra #sorrynotsorry. Cycling has been a huge learning curve, at my expense both financially and comically so I hope to share with you many of the tips I learnt on the way. Failing that we can at least share a giggle together at my expense.

Advisory note: along with the daily events of my life, there maybe a few passionate topics of mine thrown in I can hear most of my mates yelling “don’t get her started on reefs” ... yes I often have a passionate opinion to share, but I promise to keep these light.

So I hope you enjoy reading my stories. This is:

Naked Nic Nic

BARE : HONEST : REAL I’m pleased to be able to share it with you.

Love Nic xx

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