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Meet Andrew Paddison

Andrew is a handcyclist. 

A thalidomider, who was born into a keen cycling family, Andrew has continued his family's tradition despite his challenges which he's had to overcome.

Having seen Andrew, and Team Paddison in action, I was delighted when he accepted my request to be on my podcast.

In this episode we talk more about handcycling, Andrew's challenges, and the adventures he's had raising money by handcycling from Land's End to John O'Groats just to name one.

If you'd prefer to watch, please access my YouTube channel here where you can watch Andrew and I chat.

You can read more about Andrew and Team Paddison's adventures on his website here or follow him on instagram @paddisonandrew

Hope you enjoy the podcast!

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Episode 3Andrew Paddison
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Episode 2Tim - Protein Rebel
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Meet Tim - Protein Rebel

Crickets as protein?  Ewwww that sounds gross!  Well did you know that crickets have more protein in them than beef or salmon, more iron than spinach, they have higher amounts of B12 than beef, a vitamin only sourced from animals.  Crickets are also a natural probiotic so healthier for your gut, and lets get obvious about the environmental savings.  Obviously crickets take up a lot less space to grow, and their carbon footprint is a smidgen compared to other protein sources.  Booom welcome to a company who have sustainability at the core of what they do!


I’ve been friends with Tim and Liz from Protein Rebel since late last year, and their passion and commitment to their company inspires me so much, I just had to catch up with Tim about why they started Protein Rebel, what’s unique about their products and how he balances life as an entrepreneur and family man.


Hope you enjoy the podcast, and be sure to check out their products on and @protein_rebel on Instagram.

Meet Leanne Williams

Well this year has prevented us from seeing many of our friends, and on that list is the lovely Leanne Williams.


I met Leanne about five years ago whilst we worked together, and whilst our careers have sent us on different paths, meaning that we haven’t worked together for a few years now, we remained in contact often over a glass of wine or two at times. Well this year thanks to Instagram and LinkedIn I have been able to keep on track with Leanne's life achievements, and what can I say, this ball of beautiful inspiring energy that drives Leanne to be the passionate, smart, hard working determined young woman she is… is simply something to write about.


To say that Leanne is fitness obsessed is an understatement, her awesome selfies and kick ass KOBOX posts make me want to be her bestie each time I speak with her. But there is a great back story behind why she is so focused on her fitness.

6 years ago Leanne was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis which was Inflammatory Bowell Disease or also known as IBD. Basically, Leanne has had her large intestine removed and a hole in her abdomen where she has a colostomy bag attached. This saved her life at just 23yrs old.


During this time, Leanne lost weight … LOTS of weight. 7 stone and very very frail. So whilst being humble to be alive, she faced the important life challenge of getting her health better, so Leanne then needed to focus on getting stronger. This is where the gym came into Leanne's life.


So … I asked Leanne to feature on my podcast to originally discuss her IBD– she said yes yaaaay take a listen here. But after really spending time chatting with her her IBD doesn’t define her at all, it was a life nudge she was given that she dealt with. The most interesting bit other than her contagious personality is just how much she has achieved at such a young age, and this is a fraction of whats to come from this inspirational young woman.


Enjoy the blog, and be sure to connect with Leanne via @LinkedIn and @leannemilyx on Instagram.

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Episode 1Meet Leanne Williams
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