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Entrepreneur. Single Parent. Cyclist. Rescue Diver. Lover of Reefs.

Music addict. Loyal friend. 

Hi, the names Nic, often known as NicNic, crazy aunty Nic from London, Jenks, Rapha girl or ‘my beautifully complex friend’.

Hold the press, because I’ve finally, after years of friends suggesting that I should, decided to share my life experiences with you.

So, what’s so special about me? Nothing!  Let us face it, we are all the main star of our life movies, however, I like to think that I’m living my life pretty full-on, with plenty of entertaining moments.  So how about this, I’ll write my stories, and share my experiences and you can be the judge.


It's fair to say its been quite the journey for me over the past six (ish) years, and as a passionate energy bunny that I am, I have a fair thirst for life!  Now considering that I have only just begun to discover the real me, this 'YES' girl is not saying 'NO' to too much anytime soon.

I am a single mum to some awesome human beings, CEO of Simplify Change, passionate diving ocean conservationist, loyal friend, music addict and a sports junky – I like to ride bikes and exercise … a lot.

But don’t let this fool you into thinking I’m here trying to inspire others to say yes to extremity and being incredibly unique. YOU are already incredible and there sure isn’t anything wrong with being imperfect.  I have more doubts and insecurities than I care to admit, and my life like everyone's comes with challenges. 


I like to apply one objective to my life - wake up each morning and simply live that day to its fullest, after all, I will rest when I'm dead.

That’s why I’m called Naked NicNic, I’m real, unfiltered and willing to be bare to you all. Are you ready?  Because I have all intentions to slide into my grave sideways (hopefully on a bike) screaming 'that was one hell of a ride!'  All of course whilst taking a selfie! 

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