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Can you see me ? Bike Lights

Now we all know I'm one for safety and being visible on a bike ... so I have 3 top picks that I use on my bikes.

Balhvit Bike Lights – These bad boys are excellent quality for the price, they attach to anything and charge from USB. Great for light weight riding at the weekends.

Wasaga light – now this clever little gem gets a lot of attention from other cyclists. It understands when you’re breaking and so the light gets brighter, this is perfect for commuting when you’re in that tour de France chaos with other cyclists. It also screws into place so you can easily remove it.

Nestling Rechargeable – Do you really want to be seen on the road? Then this beast needs to be in your life. Its not the lightest, but its perfect for night time riding when lights are of upmost importance and speed isn’t. It has a battery pack so it lasts for hours … a must for long distance or night cycling.

Oooops – I have a puncture! Tyre accessories

Bamba Bike runs on tubeless, and whilst this is always a topic of debate amongst cyclists I do like having tubeless tyres. I’m not very quick at changing a tyre and I have a phobia about grease, so being able to not worry about flats is awesome for me. However what I would say is when tubeless goes wrong, it goes very wrong. After being stuck once in the middle of the Dorking Hills and having to walk back in cleats, I invested in these 3 products! Do not leave home without them pleeeease.


Dynoplug, is basically a tiny little tool that if you have a hole that just wont reseal, you stab the hole with it, and it releases a plug that seals the hole. It is genius and really works!

Also, I don’t leave home without my mini foot pump for quick inflation anywhere, and don’t forget to always have plug refills handy 😊

My bottom hurts – Chamois Creams

As a female, I always recommend PH balanced Chamois Cream, and I have tried a few now, but Assos Women Cream has been the best I’ve used. However I have recently found that I prefer to go more natural, so I love the Bees Butter Cream – its sooo nice on my skin. Finally I always have a spare sachet to hand for those urgent re-creaming needs 😊

Music is the soul to happiness

I never advocate listening to music whilst cycling due to the danger is creates, however I found myself in a dilemma because music really helps my rhythm and lets face it when you’re cycling for hours, an audible goes down a storm. Aftershokz have been game changing for me. They are ear bone conducting, I hear my music, and the traffic. I never leave home without them now.

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