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The Morning Game

Good morning, it's a lovely morning Good morning, what a wonderful day We danced the whole night through Good morning, good morning to you!

Judy Garland

Release: 1939

So ... I’m trying to start a craze between us cyclists ... ARE you ready ?? Its very complex and somewhat scary ... I call it the ‘morning game!!!' (original name right ... I came up with this all by myself).


Look ... I get it ... we're all in some sort of 'Zoneanal' training focus!

pssst: thats my word for the zone training I do from time to time, which basically Coach Ken tells me what zone to keep to, and I try my hardest to keep my heart rate and power at a specific level, whilst my computer screams at my defiance.

But when you are cycling past the same person for the 5th time ... and you see them most weeks ... come on people! SAY HELLO!!!


We're a friendly bunch on Instagram and Strava, and I'm pretty sure by now, thanks to the over sharing of my life on the gram, its obvious what I look like! So next time you shoot past ... say Hi! I promise not to bite ... and who knows we might just start a new trend together.

Ok ... so how do we play the morning game? Its an easy game to play … when you're doing your warm up in the morning, or commuting to work, observe a cyclist on the other side of the road, look them in the eyes, clear your throat, lift the corner of your lips to create a smile ... and say ...

"GOOD MORNING! or GOOD AFTERNOON ... or even just HI"

Who knows they may just greet you back ... unless of course you find yourself cycling with the one and only 'Lordkinzo' (YEP ... that's how he's known #rolleyes) who apparently is too cool to play ... and when he does the poor guy doesn't get greeted back anyways! Sucks to be you Akin!

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